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CloudSourcing: The beginning of a new era

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Our unique concept

We’re helping our customers on their journey to the cloud

Asurgent was founded in late 2016, with the goal to challenge the industry’s traditional way of working with managed IT and monitoring on the ground, which has been going on for over 30 years. We chose to focus on moving our customers from the ground to the cloud, away from the digital patchwork, to intelligent, solid and powerful cloud services with rapid development.

We didn’t want to build large operational organisations depending on certain people where manual mistakes and operating incidents are common. These are new times, and we are acting accordingly. We’ve found a way of automating most of the manual work a traditional managing team is doing everyday. We are doing this to create the most modern and flexible operating service on the market – Asurgent CloudOps.

CloudSourcing is a unique concept that helps our customers on their journey to the cloud – from cloud strategy to further development of their cloud-based IT environments.

We’ve gathered some of the industry’s best cloud consultants

We are soon-to-be 60 employees and our company is growing rapidly as more and more companies choose to migrate to the cloud. We are building an organisation with where we gather some of the industry’s sharpest, most skilled advisors, cloud architects, cloud developers and project managers. All with expertise within Azure and Microsoft 365 – to ensure that we confidently can support and guide our customers throughout their cloud journey.

Continuosly, we are building Asurgent to conquer a powerful position in this brave new digital world – a world where change is the only constant. The era of CloudSourcing has only just begun.

– Stephan Andersson, CEO Asurgent