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Why Asurgent?

A place for personal growth and fun challenges

We’re not just another IT company. We have a clear internal focus called CloudOnly which means that we exclusively help our customers to leverage public cloud services from Microsoft and AWS. This focus gives us the time and energy to expand our expertise, organisation and services to help our customers leverage the benefits of the cloud.

We challenge a traditional industry of managed IT with our unique concept CloudSourcing, where we move our customers from ground to cloud – while offering automated cloud operations and helping them improve their IT in the cloud.

Our open positions

Always in search for the best people

Cloud Consultant

Most likely, you’ve been working with complex IT infrastructure for several years, but have realized that the cloud is the future for modern and secure solutions. In addition, you’re a fast learner.

Cloud Consultant M365

You love to make it easier for our customers’ users by building solutions with Microsoft 365 that will create a productive and secure environment for everyone.

Cloud Architect

With great knowledge and experience, you and have gotten your hands digitally dirty from migrating and transforming IT into the best digital platforms within the public cloud.


You understand both business and IT and know how to transform a great idea into great solutions. If you know how to put it in both code and cloud – this is a job for you.

Project Manager

Say the words “IT project” and many people will hesitate – imagining time frames, costs and digital investments just waiting to go down the drain. In your projects, however, you’ve proven the opposite.


You’re comfortable working with both IT and business and know how a powerful IT strategy will help companies reach great results. You know information security as well as cloud architecture.

To succeed externally, we have to succeed internally first

We’re convinced that success comes from being a really great place to work. That’s why our first priority is to succeed internally, in order to help our customers succeed.

Steve Rubell, founder of the classic disco Studio 54, understood that their guests were the key to the party. He therefore told his doormen to “toss the salad” – i.e. to have a great mix of people entering the disco to achieve the best party possible, rather than a uniform group.

Our success is determined by “who” – not by “what”

We are also convinced that a successful organization has a consciously chosen position and a clear vision. With the right people on board who share the same values and has a common idea around the company and business you’re building together – that’s when the how will appear. The way to the goal will emerge from the group. This is a better and more certain path to success rather than mapping out the exact how, and try to work with it in a dysfunctional organization.

We have decided to be exceptionally good at finding, keeping and developing great talent, and having the same approach as the doormen at Studio 54 regarding the importance of the guests. The organization is more than the sum of its parts – with all the knowledge, experience and personalities mixed into one. This is how we’re building our company today and in the future, and it’s a fundamental thing for Asurgent. We are a company driven by values and our success is determined by “who”, not by “what”.

Challenge yourself

Stay Sharp

You know the deal. Our industry is rapidly moving forward, and there’s always new technology entering the market making the previously impossible things possible. To keep pace, you know it’s not enough to show up at the office, breathe steadily and take a course once in awhile to become one of the best. The demands are high and you need to keep pace with the ever changing to reach the top . You need to love what you do to have the energy and curiosity to always devour news and trends. This is a job that requires constant learning – a both inspiring and transpiring experience! We are mixing educations, self studies and laborations with the best way to learn – working with actual cloud projects.