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What is CloudSourcing?

Cloud-based IT services

A new era

CloudSourcing is the new, cloud-based alternative to managing all kinds of IT services. The prevailing business model for outsourcing IT has been the same for 30 years, and its due-date has since long passed. Cloud-based IT services is not the future anymore – it’s the present.

The name CloudSourcing means that you’re outsourcing your IT environment to the cloud and using us as your external partner. The concept is created from different parts depending on where you are in your cloud transformation. Our different services cover your whole journey from the ground to the cloud. Choose what you need!

Flexible and scalable

By moving your IT to the cloud, IT operations will be more flexible as well as easier to scale and manage from wherever you like from everywhere. Additionally, you will have unlimited access to the latest technology and the possibility to try a multitude of different services. And then we haven’t even mentioned the cost reductions. Through our CloudSourcing you will also get automated managing and support 24/7 if needed – it’s your decision!

Step by step

From ground to cloud in four steps

Preparations for migration

With our service Cloud TakeOff we help prepare everything for your move to the cloud. We create a TakeOff report that’ll give you the things needed to start your journey to the cloud. In addition we have twelve different workshops you can choose from to learn all about the cloud.

Migrating the IT environment

When your decision is made, our project managers will handle the entire move through our service called Cloud Onboarding. All technical work is done in collaboration with your tech personnel or other suppliers and we guarantee that your cloud environment will be executed according to best practise.

Cloud operations

Our service CloudOps is the only automated operation service on the market. The service monitors and detects changes in your cloud environment, and will automatically perform actions if any disruptions or malfunctions should occur, for example. Our service CloudOps 365 is optimized for you who are using Office 365 or Microsoft 365.

Continued development

When everything is safe in the cloud and you have operation and maintenance in place, you can order our CloudEvolutions report to make sure you keep up to date with news in the cloud. We can adapt the report for your needs and arrange Evolution Workshops in order to help navigate your organisation through all the intelligent service the cloud has to offer. If you want help with further development and a cloud strategy, our consultants within CloudConsulting are at your service.

Our partners

We work exclusively with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and AWS. Our vision is to help Swedish and international companies to optimize the use of cloud services in order to increase their innovation strength.

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